To invest in an early-stage luxury CPG with strong margins, expertly run with a strategically narrow focus on the booming dog-care market


Friday's Dog is About Love

Friday’s Dog Celebrates Dogs. 

Simple as that. They love us unconditionally, and give so generously – and Friday’s Dog customers love to give what they get by doting on and pampering their pet right back. 

We aim to capture that ecstatic and joyful “Friday feeling” when dog and owner are reunited after a long workweek – to enjoy each other’s company uninterrupted. 


Friday's Dog's creative and executive team have decades of experience in developing and marketing luxury brands.


Developed in the USA with integrity and diligence, Friday's Dog uses a blend of premium ingredients to optimize our dog products.


Launching in April 2022 with 9 exclusive products ready for immediate DTC release, Friday's Dog is readying up to 70 additional products across multiple categories for eventual release.

the magic in our formula

product ingredients

Friday’s Dog has spent 2+ years in R&D in order to perfect our exclusive blend of naturally-occurring premium ingredients that work overtime to optimize dog skin, coats and fur.

Take a closer look.

Camellia Oil

Derived from an ancient oilseed crop, this antioxidant-rich oil contains high levels of essential fatty acids. Nourishes coats and combats dry skin.

Marshmallow Root

A perennial herb that is almost gel-like, this super-moisturizing protein-rich root soothes, calms, and detangles.

Moringa Oil

From a plant in the Himalayan Mountains, this super-hydrating and antimicrobial oil supports the skin barrier and protects from environmental irritants.


dog-lovers united

The Dog-Care Market

2020 Pet Care US Market Revenue
US$ 0 B
Projected 2030 Pet Care US Market Revenue
US$ 0 B
Global Pet Grooming Products Market Size (2018)
US$ 0 B
Global Pet Food Revenues (2020)
US$ 0 B
Dog Food Sales Growth During COVID-19
0 %
Dogs Segment Of Global Pet Care Market (2020)
0 %
2014-2018, US Pet Product Sales - Online
+ 0 %
Dog Owners Buy Premium Pet Food
0 %

Dogs are having their day.

The Pet Care industry is one of the rare sectors that has seen a positive impact from COVID-19, with more households investing in their home companions by adopting a pet. 

Globally, dogs dominate the pet care market, and dog owners are in particular willing and able to spend on their beloved companions.

Friday’s Dog is positioned to ride the continued growth of the dog care market, presenting an opportunity for investors to come in at the ground floor of a luxury CPG brand.

our consumers

Ultra-High-Net-Worth (UHNW) individuals

Prefer dogs to cats.
Pet Owners Spending More on Pets
Pet Owners Purchasing Pet Products More Frequently Online


An additional 11 million pets were housed, adding to the 130 million pets in the US pre-COVID-19.
US households owning at least one dog
69M households 57%

Baby Boomers

They alone make up around 47% of aggregate expenditures on pets.
Baby Boomers' Pet Ownership Rate

running with the big dogs

the friday's dog plan

Friday’s Dog has a multi-channel go-to market strategy, with an assembly chain in the US, and fulfilment centers internationally. 

A-List Influencers

Friday's Dog is contracted with a major premier agency to ignite major awareness and excitement for our premium products.


With expert executives managing this strategy, Friday's Dog will market through electronic, digital and social media channels.

Maximizing ROI Efficiency

E-commerce will be driven on the Company's Shopify+ website, or its' Amazon sales platforms, to begin.

Strong Remarketing Strategy

Our regular product launch schedule will drive success in remarketing efforts and feed brand interest.

You Deserve The Best.

Friday’s Dog is that rare breed for investors: a early-stage luxury Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) company, run by a management team with the vision and expertise to pull off a spectacular debut and stellar long-term growth.